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Network Users Group Alaska
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To join or leave the NUGA list, click on the following link and follow the directions for login:

Once logged in, locate the Group you want to "subscribe" to and select "Join This Group". The list software will then send you a confirmation message. 


To "unsubscribe" from a Group, select "unsubscribe" under "Actions". You will receive a pop-up to Verify Action.

To post a message to the list for other members to read, send the message to:



Please note:

When you reply to a message which someone has posted to this list, you will notice that there will be two addresses in the To: field. Simply delete the address you don't want to send to. This was done to help facilitate responses going to the appropriate party.


As an example, if this were a list-posted message and you replied, you would see the following:

and you could delete the list address to send your response to Jerry, or delete my address to respond to the list.


If you have any questions, or encounter any problems with a list, don't hesitate to email Jerry directly:

Jerry Tibor

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